Nike SB Dunks series were designed for skateboarding. Firstly released in 1985, the Nike SB Dunk has been designed using many different materials, patterns, and designs over the past 30 years. Nike Dunks are stand out from other shoes with their creative designs. Nike Dunks has many alternatives in colour or design, and they are known as one of the best skateboarding shoes ever made.Nike SB Dunk shoes are also very popular and fashionable other than the sporting purposes. Here are some reviews for the latest releases of Nike Dunks.
This Dunks shoe is released on the 2015 spring season.Nike SB Dunk High Pro White has white swoosh, midsole, tongue, stitching and they were also constructed with an icey translucent outsole.
Nike’s Dunk shoes are known to be inspired by numerous different things. Nike SB Dunk Low Premium Dorothy shoes are inspired by the famous book and the movie ‘Wizard of Oz’. This shoe has a gray-white based outside and bright red lacings. The gray-white out layer represents the storm in the Wizard of Oz, and the red lacings represents the famous item ‘ruby red slippers’.
This Nike Dunk shoes for ladies are inspired by the original Nike Dunk collection released in 1985, but it is still very fashionable for today. The Nike Dunk Skinny Low and Nike Dunk Sky High both share a white suede upper, metallic luster accents, and gum rubber outsole. This shoe is specially designed to fit perfectly on women’s feet.