Jordan shoes are a brand founded by famous basketball player Micheal Jordan under the Nike umbrella. The brand was founded in 1997, and they release many shoes in addition to different kinds of sport clothing. Jordan shoes produce the most famous basketball shoes on the world, and probably the most popular ones too.
Since its introduction into the sports market in 1997, the Air Jordan evolved from the original basketball shoes to models for different uses. Air Jordan sponsors 21 active NBA players, including Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Ray Allen, Russell Westbrook, and Carmelo Anthony.
The most famous mark of Jordan shoes is the ‘Jumpman’ logo. This famous logo is based on the silhouette of Micheal Jordan.
Jordon shoes have many different models now. Air Jordan shoes are the most popular among all. Jordan shoes are often reffered as the ‘most succesful shoes for basketball players’   by many critics and sport fans.
The Air Jordan series has developed much since it released as a Nike Basketball shoe. On the way to being the best, it transformed the shoe industry greatly as well as the basketball itself. The company continues to satisfy their old fans, all the while drawing in new fans as well.
Jordan shoes mainly known for producing sneakers for the basketball players, but the popular brand has produced shoes to other sports and even produced lifestyle footwear recently. One of Jordan Brand’s newest design is the Jordan Eclipse series.  This Jordan Shoes are planned for Jordan Brand’s 30th anniversary, and it seems like most sport fan loved this design.
The first air Jorden shoes Air Jordan I is now a retro collectable pieces for the sport fans around the world. Recently, many fake Air Jordan I’s were caught in China. Jordan Shoes are now releasing new series of retro models inspired from the first model that Jorden shoes were released.